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    Verification/Firewall issues

      Everyday for about the past 2 weeks I get a window telling me that the computer is not fully protected.  When I click on it, the security suite comes up and the internet & network says action required and on the right side it says verify your subscription now and the parental controls say attention and the right side says verify your subscription now.  Frequently the firewall says it is disabled.  I hit fix and the firewall is enabled but the verifcation issues won't go away.  I have run the virual technician and even when I get the firewall disabled error the virtual techinican says that everything is ok.  Clearly it is not.  Anyone have any ideas?





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          I am having this same problem. I cannot get an e-mail thru to the "powers that be", so I come with zip!!!!I am getting very frustrated with this problem. If ther is anyone out there that knows the answer, please reply to my query.


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            Check the date and time, if it is not correct, correct it and restart the computer


            What is the type of Operating system ? ( Windows XP / Windows VISTA / Windows 7 )


            What is the type of internet connection ? ( DSL / Dial-up / Cable / Wireless / Satellite )


            What is the (Edited by mod) under which you have mcafee ?


            When you run Mcafee Virtual technician at the end it will display the session ID


            Get back to us with the session ID


            Also below the fix button it will says "click fix to resolve your issues"


            Below that you will see a message also post that message



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              Along with the above, Please check the following :


              1. Check and delete if you have any other security software in control panel as well as their files and folders in C:/program files & common files.

              2. Run the get email tool from here and check whether the email address displayed is the one which you originally used to register McAfee with.

              3. Do you receive any anonymous pop ups while you are on the internet ?









              Dinesh K

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                I just ran the virtual technician  Session ID 24364430


                The computer is about 5 yo and is running on XP we get the internet through FIOS but is is hardwired not wireless.

                Nothing on the computer has changed.  It just all of a sudden started doing this.


                The errors on the suite tell me to verify the subscription to personal firewall and to parental controls.


                Windows defender is turned off, the McAfee firewall is the only one active and that is how it has been set up for years.  I just wonder if one of the updates caused this.

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                  Hi pmmdam,

                  Please run this tool from here

                  After running the tool ; if the account (email address) is incorrect for any of your products, you must uninstall your McAfee software, run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) tool, and reinstall the product using the correct email address.

                  For instructions on how to download and use the MCPR tool, see this document








                  Dinesh K



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                    I can't seem to open the link http://us.mcafee.com/apps/agent/tools/ts/ts_getemail_new.asp  It just goes to a blank page.

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                      Go to top of this page.Usefull links click MCPR.IF you can print it ,do so and follow to the T.