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    3-user Total Protection

      Hi everyone,


      Last week I bought the license for a 3-user of Total Protection and has been only possible to run with no problems on a  desktop running under Windows XP. Although on this notebook running under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit it has not been possible by now. Even I have seen the blue screen noticing a big crash on the system and then restarting under a safe mode. By now the computer seems to be OK...? There's no way to install properly the mentioned software. In addition Windows support line showed a message explaining that there was a problem with mcshell (indeed has not been possible yet to properly activate the registration of the pre-installed McAfee Security Center on the notebook --> all of them are original and very new).

      Has anyone had such experience?

      Your support will be greatly appreciated.



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          Check the date and time, if it is not correct, correct it and restart the computer

          What is the type of Operating system ? ( Windows XP / Windows VISTA / Windows 7 )

          What is the type of internet connection ? ( DSL / Dial-up / Cable / Wireless / Satellite )


          Get back to us with the above details.

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            Hi Rafa,

            May i know at which step the installation crashes , Is it when you click on the Download button on the website or when you execute the DM set up ?

            Also provide us some information about the operating system of the computer , Was it an upgrade from vista or a brande new one  ?







            Dinesh K



            on 2/25/10 8:55:01 AM GMT-06:00