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    Cannot display page?

      I have uverse and Im trying to set up mcafee pro but when i get to the download page and click download, a page immediately pops up saying "The web page cannot be displayed." I have seen this before when I am going to a different website but never when I am trying to download something. I have checked my internet settings and LAN settings and am still coming up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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          Check the date and time, if it is not correct, correct it and restart the computer

          What is the type of Operating system ? ( Windows XP / Windows VISTA / Windows 7 )


          What is the type of internet connection ? ( DSL / Dial-up / Cable / Wireless / Satellite )


          Open the internet explorer, hold the ALT key and press H , you will see help menu, select the ABOUT INTERNET EXPLORER


          Make a note of the following details :


          Cipher Strength
          Product ID
          Update Version


          Get back to us with the above details

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            Hi jwashbu23,

            Please let us know the above information along with;

            Did you perform any recent changes for the computer ?

            Do you receive any anonymous pop ups in the computer regarding a malware attack ?




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            Dinesh K