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    Vista Antivirus Pro 2010 Alert

      Help me please!  I have lost access to the internet due to these pop-ups.  This seems similar to the XP Virus Alert but I can't be certain.  How can I remove these viruses without online access from my infected computer?  Is there a fix that I can download to a thumb drive from another computer and install on my infected computer?



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          I encountered the same problem this morning when I went to this website:  thepiratebay.org/.../Microsoft_Office_Multi-Language_Pack_2007__-_AR__-_HE_-_JA_-__KO -.  I am surprise that McAfee Total Protection shows this webpage is safe, a green check mark.


          I use Vista's System Restore to get my machine back.   It may take a little time for the program to start.


          1. Windows logo on the bottom left of your desktop --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> System Restore
          2. Select Choose a different restore point --> Next
          3. Select Date and Time before the problem occurs
          4. Click Next


          Follow the instruction and your system should restore to the point you selected.  It may take a little time, depending on your system's configuration.

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            I tried the Restore and it got rid of the Vista pop-ups but disabled my McAfee and says that I need to Fix it.  But won't allow me to.  Any other suggestions?



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              I wish I could help more but I am a McAfee user.  I just share how I get rid of the "Vista Antivirus Pro".  My McAfee was not affected so I don't know how to fix that other than un-install/re-install (?)


              Or you may want to look for other postings.

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                Well thanks anyway, at least you got rid of the Vista pop-up!