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    McAfee Virtual Technician

      I downloaded 'O2 McAfee Internet Security 10' 3 days ago and noticed it hasn't updated (they're turned on).

      I ran V/T and it informed me that no McAfee products are installed So am I protected??? The first scheduled

      scan didn't start on time so I ran a full scan, after it finished the scheduled scan decided to run???

      I'd waited for over an hour for the scheduled scan to run before running it manualy (and my clock is right!)

      Also on O2's McAfee v9 it had O2 on the top, v10 doesn't, also says it will expire in 15 days but read an ealier

      post over that. I quite like v10 (less running processes and faster startup from icon). So what's with V/t

      telling me it's not installed??

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          What is the type of Operating system ? ( Windows XP / Windows VISTA / Windows 7 )


          What is the type of internet connection ? ( DSL / Dial-up / Cable / Wireless / Satellite )


          right click on the M icon in the bottom and check whether you see something that says product setup


          Follow the registration process


          Once Registration is completed, update mcafee


          Once update is completed


          Restart the computer and run Mcafee Virtual Technician


          If the issue still exists get back to us

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            Hi Yoga, thanks for the reply, using xp sp3 O2 broadband (11m connection). No setup option on right-click icon, sub verified with McAfee

            run a re-install, V/T still insists no McAfee! Here's an image of part of info screen and McAfee running processes.

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              The logic used by Virtual technician to detect if products are present, is dependent on Microsoft scripting. The current error should read that scripting is having an issue.

              If the MVT report displays a No McAfee products found message, when in fact they are installed, try the following:

              1. Remove any other security software installed on the computer .
              2. Click Start, Run, type CMD, and press ENTER.
                  For Vista/Win 7 : Click the Windows button, type CMD in the Search box, right-click CMD, and select Run As Administrator.
              3. Type regsvr32 vbscript.dll and press ENTER.
              4. Click OK.
              5. Type regsvr32 jscript.dll and press ENTER.
              6. Click OK.
              Try MVT again from http://mvt.mcafee.com

              Do report back if you still have any issues.







              Dinesh K

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                Open your internet explorer , hold the ALT key and press H you can see the help menu, clck on the abot internet explorer


                Make a note of


                Cipher Strength
                Product ID
                Update Version  (Edited by Mod )


                If you see the versions then,


                reset the internet explorer

                (If it is IE7 or IE8 Open IE -> Tools -> Internet Options->Advanced-> click the reset button)

                (If it is IE6 Open IE -> Tools -> Internet Options->Programs->Reset Web settings)


                Close your internet explorer


                Open mcafee, click on PC optimisation, click on quick clean, to the right hand side, under quick clean, click on the clean option


                (Note If you are doing the quick clean for first time you will see settings, click on it, uncheck registry alone and have check mark in everything else

                click on save, then you will get clean option click on clean)


                Click on yes, once it is over, restart the computer


                Perform the full scan


                If again it is going to get stuck in any location


                it will display the location, browse to the location and perform scan, by right clicking on the location and left click on scan


                Restart the computer


                If it still exist get back to us with the path mentioned.



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                  Just noticed V/T doesn't cover security center v10 (image1), and I don't have PC Optimisation (image 2). Update just stays on 'Checking for uptates'. Virus Scan dat  version is 5899.

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                    Virus Scan just updated to version 5900 so I assume all is ok. I'd been worried that it wasn't updating but seems ok.

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                      Scheduled scan has not started again!!!!! was set to run at 04.00, waited until 04.40, still nothing so I'm running a manual scan!! I set my scans to run wed-fri-sun at 04.00, never had a problem with v9. And the clock's right!!

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                        Scheduled scan started after manual scan again!! Whats happening????????

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                          I scheduled a scan at 8.00 this morning, it started at 8.35 ????

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