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    Help with Artemis!C2BB796295ea trojan

      Hi, Any help would be greatly appreciated. This morning I got two alerts from my total protection software that I had two PUP detected. Artemis!350055FCDF14 and Artemis!C2BB796259EA. Mcafee couldn't remove either one of them. I did some looking around this forum and downloaded the stinger program. After running stinger, Artemis!350055FCDF14 was removed. However artemis!C2BB796259EA remained. I ran stinger a second time and it still wouldn't remove the trojan. According to stinger the infected file is C:\Windows\Installer\$PatchCache$\Managed\32391A35A71922842BE75AD7E16F9ECF\9.4. 3002\_C9D6A74C91D2F4F6226A58B010A63CC2

      I can't seem to find this file.

      Any Ideas?