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    Problems with McAfee Technical Chat

      K, so I rec'd this status msg that my pc wasn't fully protected.  I clicked "fix" and then rec'd another that stated McAfee was not able to fix.  I downloaded the virtual technician and chatted with a technician, Arun, that advised that next time it happened to contact them immediately instead of attempting to fix.  This was after it "fixed" on it's own; rec'd a green status msg; gave Arun permission to share my screen.  He couldn't find the problem, nor did he see one by that time.  Then the very same thing happened and I contacted McAfee again.  I gave Aneesh remote access and he "fixed" everything again...no problem.  Then today, it occurred yet again.  This time I spoke with Vipin S who escalated me to his supervisor.  I was promptly disconnected.  I requested another chat session and was connected to Divya (sp?), who placed me with Shanil, of McAfee's Tier 2, promptly.  I gave permission for Shanil to share my screen and while he changed my display settings (for his use, I suppose???) and uninstalled and reinstalled McAfee for me...somehow, he experienced  "internet connectivity problems"  then left the session.  Now, I'm trying, once again to get back, only to be continuously rerouted back to the same form!!!!  I'm incredibly frustrated because of the amt of time spent already.  Plus now I have even MORE problems detected according to McAfee!!!  Is this some kind of scam to get me to pay $60 for telephone assistance?  Or a ploy to get me to buy more McAfee products?????



      Does anyone know what's happening to me and my pc?

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          Sorry you are having issue. The not protected warning can have several causes. First can you post your versions of the programs you have instaled along with your operating system and its service pack.


          A summary of possible issues is here



          Though so far in that thread techs when they analysed the posters PCs usually find 1 of two causes

          1 The poster has a virus that is new and not yet detectable. It could be a rootkit type.

          2. The poster has a corrupted operating system


          What is the error shown in the Not protected warning? What is disabled?

          I would suggest you retry chat and also run the event viewer and see if an error is shown see


          The Windows "Event Log" is indeed the location you need. Windows Vista and XP should have similar access. No ideas for Windows 7, although it also should be similar.


          For Windows XP, the sequence to access is:


          1. Right-click on "My Computer" (or, "Start ---> Administrative Tools", if in your "Start Menu")


          2. Click "Manage"


          3. Expand "Event Viewer" (click on the "+")


          4. The log entries needed are in two (2) locations: "Application" and "System"


          5. The entries under "Application" will have a source of "McLogEvent", and should be proximate to and "Error" entries.


          6. The "System" log entries are created by the Windows Services management. Locate entries with a source of "eventlog" (these are created at Windows shutdown and boot-up. The failing service entries should follow (actually, precede, since the order is recent to first ).


          7. To view any entry in either of these logs, right-click on the entry and click "Properties





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            We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused in this regard.


            May I have your case number for the McAfee Technical chat interaction?

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              Thanks for replying guys.  I finally got through to McAfee customer support,  Mahendran (sp?) and he advised me to delete my cookies and try to connect with technical support again.  Well, I rec'd a window msg that advised that I was denied access!  Plus I've been denied access in deleting a few files off my computer as well.  Anyway, finally after being disconnected everytime I was transferred to technical support...oh, yeah, there was a Minu that I spoke to as well...I got Mahendran again and he escalated me to his supervisor, Sahid.  Sahid took control and I'm not really sure what he did.  My screen remained idle most of the time...the mouse pointer wasn't even moving much.  Anyway, he advised that the problem was with Microsoft (huh?) not updating properly.  He said to uninstall and reinstall McAfee and if that didn't work contact Microsoft technical support.  I was soooo frustration and sleepy by this time that I gave up and haven't touched the computer until now.  Of course, McAfee is no longer on my desktop now..???  So, I tried to redownload it and was advised that installation could not complete to use McAffee Virtual Techinican.  Downloaded it again (btw, why must I keep downloaded it if it's already on my computer?) and was advised that no McAffee products were found and a list a problems that needed to be fixed for installation.  I clicked to fix all.  I was advised that all was fixed so I could resume installation.  Well, this keeps happening and once again, I'm up late trying to figure it all out.  Oh, and I am still getting the McAfee status msgs that my pc is not protected but when I click on them they close and that's it.  Usually, McAfee pops up with the list of computer & files, email & im (the areas that have been blaring red) and parental controls and something else...sorry, I don't remember.  But if you're familiar with McAfee, I'm sure you know precisely what I'm referring to.  I'm confused and I really needed to have this resolved by tomorrow morning because we homeschool our crew of 4 and I use this computer a bunch throughout our schoolday.  Additionally, we handle the majority of our business online.  Now, I'm scared to.  I mean, has something, like a virus or whatever, gotten passed McAfee?  I asked one of the tech ppl the very same thing and rec'd an adamant "NO!" but I'm really worried.  I have rec'd status msgs in the past about a PUP a few times, but it's been a long while ago and that wasn't all at once either...separate incidents.  All resulting in harmless cookie to allowed sites.  But this...???  Should I go with someone else for protection?  I mean, our computer has been unprotected completely for days!  McAfee isn't on the computer anywhere, yet I'm receiving status msgs????  Yes, I checked, it's not just the icon is missing from the desktop.  My computer *feels* really strange too, ever since the remote session with Shanil.  McAfee found numerous ADDITIONAL problems after that session as well.


              I looked through my emails and the last one has this number listed: 394917284 as the service number with McAfee consumer support.  Lmk, if you need be to go through all of the emails and find all the reference numbers...k?


              Thanks guys, you have no idea how much we appreciate this!!!



              Oh, I have Vista, but as far as your other questions (my versions of the programs installed and service pack) I'm not sure what you're referring to...sorry.  Also, didn't understand the "event viewer" comment.  I followed your instructions as I felt they applied to what's on my screen and found a bunch of error log entries that have occurred almost daily since 18 April 2008.  I'm not sure though what this means or how to read these charts or whatever.  But, they read Level: !Error, then the date & time, the Source (this differs from Event... to VSS to Appli...to CAPI2, then there's an Event... and each has a 4 digit number, then Task... and some have numbers in () or say None, Event..., but most say None.  When clicking on the entry and General tab it says for one: The machine-default permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID and for yet another it says:  Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity0 call in the System Writer Object.  There's a bunch more that says something about the print spooler but have different sources listed.  I hope that this info is helpful to you guys or that I even gave you the info that you were looking for.


              Thanks again!



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                You did not mention what error message you got when you get the popup it should say something re disabled. In the event viewer I was after any error that mentions something like.


                A thread in process C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\VIRUSS~1\mcshield.exe took longer than 90000 ms to complete a request.

                The process will be terminated. Thread id : 2712 (0xa98)

                Thread address : 0x7C90E514

                Thread message :


                Build VSCORE. / 5301.4018

                Object being scanned = \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Documents and Settings\Jen\Desktop\garmin_rmu_cnnant2010_40.exe

                by C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE




                A thread in process C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\VIRUSS~1\mcshield.exe took longer than 90000 ms to complete a request.

                The process will be terminated. Thread id : 5024 (0x13a0)

                Thread address : 0x7C90E514

                Thread message :


                Build VSCORE. / 5301.4018

                Object being scanned = \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Documents and Settings\Jen\Desktop\garmin_rmu_cnnant2010_40.exe

                by C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE



                Re version of mcafee open Security center and if 2009 version down the bottom right is details or about. Click on this and post the versions of security center virus scan etc,. If you have 2010 version top Right is the word Navigation click on this and on right choose about and post details.


                Mate will see if our admin can arrange a call watch your email

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                  Hi Lina,

                  Sorry for the inconvenience caused, I have requested for some more additional information on this through your Private message, could you please reply back to it so that we could proceed further.









                  Thanks & regards,

                  Dinesh K

                  McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                    On 8th Aug 2010 I paid $59.99 for McAfee online backup and downloaded it (I already had McAfee Security Suite).However when trying to backup I keep getting message my subscription has expired. I  have since had five sessions with McAfee ‘chat advisors’ all lasting between 2 and 3 hours about this problem. Advisors have un-installed my McAfee products and re-installed them twice. Problem unsolved. During this timeI have been promised I would be contacted by phone 4 times---each time I gave a date/time window (window of  3 hours) I never got a call! I still have the same problem—last chat time (Tues 31st Aug) advisor said McAfee were aware of  ‘several’ customers having this problem and were investigating—it should take 2/3 weeks before problem fixed.  I will then have lost about 2 months subscription---IF problem is solved. What is my best way forward in these circumstances? I live in England UK

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                      Here is something to consider. McAfee has a 30 day window for refund requests. You need to initiate that now since you only have a few days left before your 30 day window expires. You would have to request that through Customer Service in your country of the UK.


                      You could try to use some of the free antivirus and firewall programs to have some protection till McAfee is able to resolve this issue and then you could repurchase McAfee at that time. You can certainly continue to monitor this forum for the latest in regards to the fix.


                      You can post a service request number(s) for reference to the various chats. This can also serve as ammunition to ask for a subscription extension because you have provided documentation.


                      It is a holiday weekend here in the USA so I don't know if anything will be done any earlier than Tuesday which is the 7th of September hence the 30 day window so you need to act now.


                      Good Luck

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                        Thank you Tom K3TG Advice much appreciated Unfortunately on rechecking I purchased this Online Backup Facility on 1st Aug--so over a month ago--just I am very disappointed with this situation. I am 75 and struggling with  technology and been told bt friend McAfee were good!!! I am not sure what a service request number is—I know a long number was quoted after each chat session. I did not keep a note of them. Probably I screwed up there. Thanks again--I guess I just sit tight and see what happens

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                          Sorry for your frustration, but please be informed that you case is been looked upon and I shall update you on the status. If any issue, please feel free to send me a private message (to send me a private message, click on my Avatar and use the option - send private message)



                          Dinesh K
                          McAfee Online Community Moderator