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        Peter M

        Not sure what you mean. Can you steer me to it?


        If you mean a group you created here, which I can't find so it must be private, then click the browse button near the top of the page on the line next to your user name and select Groups in the drop-down menu, then you should be able to find your group or you can create one from the right-hand menu.



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          Hi Ex_Brit,


          Thanks for your response.


          Creating the group is not the issue, it was easy and worked well.

          To try out the group, it was a private group indeed; now it is an open group.


          But, how do I permanently delete the group, for example in case of too little interest?

          In the Manage Options (menu on the right, as owner) there is no possibility of deleting the final group.

          And somewhere else I can not find it too.


          So my question remains, how to delete a group?




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            Peter M

            Now I get what you mean - I couldn't delete it either, of course I wouldn't anyway unless asked to.


            I guess one would post a new discussion in Community Feedback which is monitored by the Forum Administrator and Managers.


            Ask them to do it for you.