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    errors on fixes; unable to create gObjRegHelper; mcshell.exe corrupt, McAfee online chat problem; malware 732 (12029,0)

      I've been sending messages to McAfee via e-mail for a couple weeks about problems updating my security software and haven't received any responses. Now the problem has gotten really bad. McAfee Virtual Technician says nothing is wrong. My screen shots are attached.


      Inside McAfee Security Center:

      When I click on UPDATE, the animated icon never appears. Nothing happens, then I get the following messages:

      1) unable to create gObjRegHelper

      2) mcshell.exe is corrupt


      I event went to Blitware and downloaded the PC Medkit.


      Windows Security Center says that Windows Defender is turned off, but it won't let me turn it on. It says Malware protection is not found.


      I went to Malwarebytes.org and ran a test, it scanned and found 27 files. I removed them, but when I tried to click on "purchase" or the other menu items to download, I get the following error: 732 (12029,0). I have trouble shooted and changed my Internet Explorer Connection LAN settings, but that didn't help.


      When I try to go to online chat, I get a "download server" error, so I cannot chat with anyone.


      My McAfee went out of date a couple months ago, and when I clicked on the button to get new protection it doesn't take me anywhere where I can purchase. I don't even know what I should be buying or what is out of date, hence I wanted to talk or chat with someone, which I cannot do with this download server error.


      I installed the latest version of Skype this morning, and now I cannot run it due to the same download server error.


      Is GeekSquad my only option?


      I have a Dell laptop EPS M1530.





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