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    Can't get rid of a Trojan

      Every time I try to log onto my work site via my SSL token, I get an error message:  Suspicious Item Found dlcxcoms.exe Trojan.  I have run Registry cleaner, Malware, TrojanHunter, all to no avail.  Avert checked the file and says it's clean.  How do I get rid of this so it doesn't keep showing up as a Trojan?



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          Hi choirlady,


          Have you tried deleting the file(dlcxcoms.exe) manually? does the error message give you the location of the file like for example C:\Program Files\.. ?

          Can you let us know the ID which you got when you submitted to Avert, so that we can look into it once more?


          If you can provide any other additional information regarding the error message, please do so.




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            Thanks for responding.  The file was originally a System 32 file.  I deleted it manually but it only remained hidden.  I brought it back up when I sent it to Avert.  The error message never contained the file location - just the document.  The Avert ID number is 5795844.



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              Thanks for providing the ID. We will look into it and get back to you once we complete the evaluation.

              In the meantime if  you get the eror message again, please send us the screen shot of it.




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                I can't take a screen shot of it.  It's just a little pop-up box that reads like this:


                Suspicious Process Found

                Process Name:  dlcxcoms.exe

                Classification: Trojan


                The system won't let me copy it.


                Nancy O'Toole