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    McAfee blocking Windows 7 Homegroup?

      I am trying to create a Windows 7 Homegroup on 2 laptops and a PC which are all running Windows 7. Here is the situation as I have discovered. The  PC and one Laptop are running McAfee and the other Laptop (a club laptop) is running Norton.


      1. Both my McAfee protected PC and Laptop can see and access files on the Norton protected Laptop on Homegroup.


      2. The Norton protected Laptop on this Homegroup is not recognizing the McAfee PC or McAfee Laptop.


      3. Both McAfee protected PC and Laptop are not recognized by each other on the Homegroup.


      It would appear that McAfee is interfering with the Windows 7 Homegroup and I am hoping there is a setting in McAfee preventing my PC and laptop them from beeing seen on a Homegroup. Can any one tell me where this might be in the many settings on the McAfee Security Center?





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          Which version of McAfee you are running? 2010 or 2009?










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            McAfee 2009 by the looks of the screenshots above.



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              Please try the below steps.

              ·         Please open McAfee SecurityCenter.

              ·         Click on “Internet and Network” and then click on “Configure” appears on right side message box.

              ·         Please click on “Advanced” button under “Firewall protection is enabled” box.

              ·         Please click on “Restore Firewall defaults” on left pane.

              ·         Click on Restore Firewall on right side. Wait for few minutes.

              ·         Check the issue now.


              If the issue persists please do the following steps.


              ·         Get all the three IP address.

              ·         Click on “Networks” on left pane.

              ·         Click on “Add button”.

              ·         Select single and add one IP address.

              ·         Add all three IP’s.

              ·         Click on Ok button.

              ·         Please check the issue now.

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                Ok, I did both steps you suggested and in the second added a range from to and the problem appears to have been solved but a Reboot is required after the last step.


                Thanks you for your help....very much appreciated after struggling with this for a few weeks.




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                  I'm glad to hear that your issue has been resolved. Please let us know if you are ever facing issue with McAfee software. We are here to help you 24hrsx 7 days...


                  McAfee Forever On-Guard Reach us anytime through McAfee Customer Service Online Chat  Support 24 hours and 7 days a week.



                  Thanks and Regards,

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                    Could you possibly also give the same instructions for 2010 version. I have discovered I have the same problem with joining a Homegroup, where both computers are running McAfee. Turning the firewall off on them both solved the problem, but is obviously not ideal!


                    Many thanks



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                      No one ever answered Nicolas in  his request at the bottom of the replies... what is the answer for the 2010 version?  Nicolas and I are having the same problem... and it is very annoying... so any help would be greatly appreciated.  We want to take advantage of the Windows Homegroup and are thus far unable to do so while running McAfee...  many thanks

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                        Sorry for delayed response


                        Please find the steps for 2010 version McAfee.




                        ·         Get all the IP address.

                        ·         Click on “Firewall “button on Home Screen.

                        ·         Click on “Settings”.

                        ·         Click on “Connections” and expand the drawer.

                        ·         Click on Add button.

                        ·         Enter IP address one by one as Single IP address.

                        ·         Please click on save button.



                        N:B: Please see the attachment for screenshots.



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                          Hi Rahul, Hi experts


                          I have just received a new laptop with an enterprise licence of a Mc Afee suite. Can't acccess to my printers at home, since I was not able te create/access any workgroup.

                          Can you help please? I am attaching the list of McAfee products my laptop carries.



                          PS: I shall add that I can't fond any " McAfee SecurityCenter" icon/program on my laptop


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