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    Foundstone and LDAP

      Thanks Jeffrey for answering my previous post.


      I looked at all the Foundstone docs on how to go about configuring LDAP.

      I found instructions related to a product called SiteMinder on p 82 of the Foundstone Enterprise Installation guide.


      In your reply to my previous post you mentionned Active Directory using Radius and Single Sign on.

      You also mentionned LDAP.

      I could not find any documentation related to Radius.

      Are there other products out there similar to Radius and SiteMinder we could use and still be supported by McAfee ?


      Can LDAP be used without the use of a SiteMinder agent ?



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          There are a number of ways that this single sign on can be performed.  You would need some sort of Single Sign on for Web Applications which Siteminder is one of.  That is the system we recommend, but we will provide a best effort level of support for any that is set up correctly as per the documentation.  You need to make yourself familiar with these technologies in addition to the McAfee Vulnerability Manager product.  If you do run into issues you will need to demonstrate that the sso/authentication technology is working properly outside of the MVM integration.

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            Following on from the above, I apologise for the basic question, however just to confirm my understanding:


            - User authentication via AD is supported directly when using RADIUS (as per KB55032) and essentially when a user logs in a RADIUS request is sent to the AD server and response is an accept or reject.

            - User authentication via AD is supported using LDAP, but *only* via an SSO for web apps solution such as Siteminder, ie MVM cannot authenticate against the AD server directly with LDAP




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