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    SQL 2005 "Database User Rights" for EPO 4.5 Install



      While attempting to install EPO 4.5 (server A) using SQL Authentication to a SQL 2005 SP3 server (server B - separate server from EPO 4.5 install server), I receive "The database user specified does not appear to have sufficient rights".


      The provided SQL Authentication username has "DB Owner" rights to the SQL 2005 SP3 application on Server B, and I can log into SQL Manager using the provided account (via SQL Authentication) and create a database. The provided SQL Authentication username also uses a "simple" password. I can also see and select the SQL 2005 server from EPO 4.5 install "Database Server" drop down menu.


      In addition, I'm also logged into the EPO 4.5 install server (server A) as "local admin", and can telnet to port 1433 on the SQL 2005 server (server B).


      Not sure what else to do to to make SQL Authentication to work upon installing EPO 4.5......

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated......