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    Download Cannot Continue

      I had downloaded this software from cox cable.  It worked and installed fine, but then a message appeared and said error.  So I unstalled it, now it wont let me reinstall it.  That message about Download cannot continue occurs.  Please help

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          To be more precise on this , can you provide me with the following information :

          What is the operating system we use ?
          Do we have any other security software in the computer ? (Also check in C:/progam files & common files)
          Do you receive any anonymous pop ups in the computer ?




          Dinesh K

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            Hello.  I use Windows Vista.  No other security software because when I installed Mcafee the first time, it told me to close/uninstall other security software so Mcafee can run correctly.  No anonymous popups occured.  Thanks

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              Please follow the below steps:

              1.Check and delete if you find any other security software (remnant) in C:/program files & common files.

              2. Restart the computer and start tapping F8 key, from the advanced boot options menu select safe mode with networking and press enter . (Ignore this step if you are using a wireless connection)

              3. Run the Mcpreinstall tool from here and start installing again .


              Do report back if you have any issues along with the exact error message you receive and a screen shot of the error.










              Dinesh K



              on 2/19/10 3:30:10 PM GMT-06:00
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                This message occurs

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                  The 12029 error refers to a generic network problem which has  caused your download to disconnect or fail. Please disable proxy connections in your Internet Explorer and check for the issue.


                  Please follow the below steps to disable proxy  settings.


                  1.    Please  open Internet Explorer and click Tools -> Internet options.


                  2.    Please  click on Connections tab.


                  3.    Click LAN Settings and a window named LAN Settings will open.


                  4.    Please  uncheck all options and click on Ok.


                  5.    Please  close Internet Explorer window.


                  Now please try to install McAfee and let me know the status.

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                    I was able to download it, but not everything is working.  See attachment for details.  Even after I hit fix, still didn't work.

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                      From the screenshot I can see that a McAfee update is happening on your PC. update.jpg

                      Please let me know whether the icon is there or not. If not please hit the update icon on SecurityCenter and wait for the updates to finish.
                      Once it is completed, please reboot your PC and check the status of SecurityCenter.

                      Also, how much is your system RAM?

                      Please reply back with the staus...

                      Thanks in advance...

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                        Did the updates and hit the fix, restarted computer and still the same message came up.  See attachment.  I currently have 18.2G of RAM available.  Thanks for the help.  Almost there!

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                          Do you have any other Security Software installed on your computer? If so please uninstall it.

                          Try update once again and place mouse over the animated icon and let me know the status ( it will show as "downloading" or "installing").


                          Also check whether you are getting a confirmation message once the updates are installed.



                          Thanks in advance

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