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    McAfee Labs Dat Release Notification



      Last year, in November, I changed my telephone carrier and was switched to McAfee virus protection.


      On Febrary 2nd, I began receiving McAfee Labs Dat Release Notifications, such as follows:


      > Subject: McAfee Labs Dat Release Notification: 5896 Dat Files Released


      >  The 5896 daily dat files have been released and are available for download.


      >  The various 5896 daily dat file packages can be found at


      When I called my telephone carrier, I was told that I am receiving these notifications because I deactivated McAfee e-mail protection.

      I have been using EUDORA for e-mail, since the 1990s.  If I activate McAfee e-mail protection, then I cannot check or send e-mail.
      Should I ignore the dat release notifications?
      Or should I do something?  If so, then what?
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          Hi 4prem,

          The DAT release notification are sent to you so that you download the latest anti virus definitions for McAfee VirusScan and ensure taht your McAfee product contains the most up-to-date detection and prevention.And may I know do you receive any errors messages from your email client when you enable your email protecion ?










          Dinesh K

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            Thanks Dinz, I was looking into the original question and I don't see a way of unsubscribing from those notifcations, is there one?


            Not forgetting that home users can't update manually except by asking SecurityCenter to search for updates anyway.

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              Well I subscribed to DAT notification emails to test it and at the foot of every one is an unsubscribe link.

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                I switched to McAfee in November 2009.  Why would I only start receiving DAT alerts in February 2010?


                I get an "error connecting to the Mail Server" message, whenever I enable the McAfee e-mail virus protection.




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                  There is an UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the DAT alert e-mail message.


                  I was convinced that subject problem exists because I am using Qualcomm's Eudora mail program, which is no longer supported by Qualcomm.


                  So, I unsubscribed from the DAT alert mail list.

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                    Thanks for the speedy replies.


                    I have disabled the McAfee e-mail scan protection, so that I can check my e-mail.


                    Any further advice?

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                      Until Dinz has an idea I would try contacting Technical Support Chat via the Useful Links at the top of the page.   You certainly should not have to disable email protection to receive mail.

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                        Hi 4prem,

                        As Peter said , an email message with instructions on confirming the subscription and unsubscribing would be sent to the email address you specified by which you can unsubscribe the DAT notifications.

                        Regarding the error messge your receive while you enable your email protection , can you please confirm the version of your McAfee products ?

                        Open security center and let us know whether it says Am i protected YES or Your computer is secure ?

                        Also click the option About to the right bottom corner and let us know the version of your antispam ? and we would get back to you .







                        Dinesh K

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                          Hi Dinesh,


                          Since I disabled McAfee E-mail protection, the AT&T Internet Security Suite (powered by McAfee) reads:


                                Am I Protected?  No


                          INSTALLED PRODUCTS:


                          SecurityCenter Version: 9.15

                          VirusScan Version:  13.15

                          Personal Firewall Version:  10.15

                          SiteAdvisor Version:  3.0

                          EasyNetwork Version:  3.15




                          devotion, prema