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    virus, worm, whatever

      My sons' netbook has a been bombarded with worms, trojans, etc...I did a scan with mcafee and says it quaranteed items and repaired. No we can only start the computer and logon but no icons or functions are able to be performed! Safemode will not initiate. I seen the following in scan report:




      DLL C:\Windows/system32\helper32.dll

      and a documents and settings file ending in lsass.exe

      Any ideas?



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          Sorry your having trouble, let's see what we can do to get you back up and running.


          What product are you running?

          Might you have any scan logs, that would show was has been detected, and what action taken on them?


          There are several tools we could use, just need to better understand the state of your system, so we can pick one.


          What symptoms do you currently see?


          - David

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            Dell 10.1" Netbook purchased May 2009.

            Windows XP


            Didn't print off scan log and can't obviously access anything

            I power on, can't get safemode to work

            Logon screen comes up

            I tried logging on via each user listed (total 5 of us)

            Acts like it's going to go on and set user settings, but no task bar or icons appear