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    New User Interface


      I posted this question under the Virus Scan 13 Board.Maybe I posted  it on the wrong board.I recieved a update yesterday that required a re-boot.I remember Peter saying that the update would probally come with a reboot.When The update installed it asked me to reboot the system to finish the install.I thought great I am getting the new User Interface.When all said &  done eveything was still the same.Do I have to do a complete uninstall & then a reinstall.I need some guidance in what steps I should take.I am assuming that the new U.I.is for virus scan 13.15.




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          Peter M



          I think I stated elsewhere that everyone will eventually update but that it is throttled back at the moment, so will gradually happen.  Updates requiring a reboot can happen when something other that simply the DAT is updated so I wouldn't worry.


          You are pretty-well guaranteed in the US of getting the new interface if you uninstall/reinstall, however, if you get McAfee from your ISP; AOL, Dell, etc. or similar, it may not happen as they may not yet even have released it themselves.



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            The version of Virus scan for 2010 is 14.0.


            Can you do a uninstall/reinstall of your McAfee product?

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              So if I understand you I will not get the new User Interface beause I am running Virus Scan 13 not Virus Scan 14.




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                Correct. Once the new version is out there usuallyare no updates for the old version re cosmetic changes. 2010 is better I feel.

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                  Hello I'm a bit new but, I've just had the most horrible experience with this new interface. after it automatically downloaded

                  it froze my computer. i've got win xp sp3. i've had nothing but problems with trying to uninstall and reinstall mcafee for

                  2 days now. finally a chat rep did a clean uninstall and reinstall...now i have mcafee back, only to hate it! i absolutely

                  just hate the way it looks. i told the chat rep my mcafee software had crashed because i had this ugly white screen

                  with a giant lime green bar running at the top. he said, it's ok, you are protected...i tried my best to uninstall mcafee

                  to get rid of that ugly screen, only to find out...it's the new screen...still hating it.

                  i feel like i've been cheated..ipaid a lot of money for what i saw..what was on the box...i liked the other interface...looked more professional. easier to use.

                  now i have to be on a search and destroy mission to find what i'm looking for. if they wanted to make a change to keep up with

                  other vendors ..why not just change the color..why change everything.  still hating it.

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                    I find the interface is growing on me probably as been on it since August running the beta. If you are unhappy or have suggestions of ways it will be better either features or making it easier to use please post them here and I will pass them on up the line. We mods have sent off a large list of pioritized suggested features, we and the beta users wanted added and these have been heavily looked at for the upcoming 2011 beta.Got several fingers crossed.


                    Again any suggestions are welcome.