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    EEPC SSO windows 7?

      Is this possible? Do I have to change some Gina settings in the registry?

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          Windows 7 (and Vista) don't use a GINA, they use credential providers, so yes it's possible (and supported) but does not work the same as XP and before.


          EEPC only supports the Windows credential provider, we don't support third party ones as there's no longer any "chaining" capability.

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            Here's what I did for Window 7 for SSO.


            Created a new machine group called windows 7.

            Properties, General section

            Windows Logon

            Checked Require logon to Endpoint Encryption

            Checked Attemp automatic Windows logon

            Checked Automatically logon as pre-boot user

            Checked Endpoint Encryption logon component always active

            Checked Set Endpoint Encryption password to Windows password

            Checked Must match Windows user name



            Checked Do not display previous user name at logon

            Checked Disable checking for AutoBoot

            Checked Do not lock workstation if no user is authenicated

            Checked Do not lock workstation if user is disabled


            Of course add your own settings,


            Once you are done create a new install set. Then test it on a Windows 7 workstation.


            Hope this helps