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    Question re: Artemis Trojan

      I ran McAfee Scan yesterday and it indicated that I had a Trojan named Artemis!AECF66C6E280 which was quarantined. How can I get permanently remove this Trojan? If it is not removed, what is the harm to my computer? Why didn't McAfee remove this Trojan instead of just placing in quarantine?

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          Please provide some more information about this file, what type of file is this, did you download from any link? is it some application?
          Why do you suspect this of being the culprit of malicious behavior?  Have you noted any suspicious behavior on a system where this file has been run?  If so, what?


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            Also bear in mind, that all detections, are quarantined in addition to "cleaned" which can included deleting the file.


            Also, Artemis is a technology we use within the product.  The name is always going start with Artemis!  with a part of the file's MD5 hash appended to the end of it.


            Unless you are getting the same detection over and over again, you are all set.  It was detected and removed.  (again, it will always quarantine)


            Let me know if that helps,


            - David

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              Thank you for your "on point" answer. I ran a scan today and there were no Viruses/Trojans detected. I just didn't understand that after the Trojan was put in quarantine that it was later removed. Thanks again.