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    Upgrade ePO 4 to 4.5 / Now how to Upgrade the Clients from 8.5 to 8.7?

      hello all,

      actually i have a question about upgrading the clients from mcafee vse8.5 to vse8.7.

      last week i update my epo version from 4 to 4.5. so all works fine for me and my epo settings looks "normal".


      rollout windows 7:

      vse8.7 with patch2 works. this workstation have no antivirus installed before.


      rollout windows xp:

      vse8.7 with patch2... the workstations has installed 8.5 and the installation to 8.7 works not?!

      i have installes a task, with the intructions to install the new agent, and install the new vse8.7 with the option /qn.


      this settings works not for me, can it be, that i have to uninstall the 8.5 on all workstations before?


      thanks for help