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    New User Interface


      Yesterday Afternoon 2/18 I recieved a McAfee update that required me to reboot to finish the Installation.I remember reading that when the new user interface came down the pipe it would require a reboot. After I did a reboot I still had the same user interface.Is this new U.I. for VIRUS SCAN 13.15..Did anyone else have that same update that required a reboot. If that was the new User Interface what do I have to do to get it.. Do I have to do a complete uninstall & re-install.I need some guidance here.




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          I also noticed an update requiring a reboot.


          However... my W7 X64 machine is still running the old Security Center.


          On my netbook I did a fresh install. This time I got the new user interface.


          It looks like only new/fresh installs get the new UI.


          Actually I don't care. The new user interface is pretty bad. What was McAfee thinking ? Maybe they had a certain
          type of users in mind who never ever change any setting. Lots of settings are now hidden and not that easy to find.

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            Just curious what version sercurity ceneter & Virus scan are you running.I did a complete uninstall- reinstall & had the same User Interface.

            Now I here that that sercurity ceneter 9/Virus scan 13 will not get the new User Interface.I am getting alot of different answers.I hear you have to be running security 10 & Virus Scan 14 to get the new user interface.




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              You are right. I'm running security center 9.x and VirusScan 13.


              Still running, guess I'll receive an update some day. Unless I re-install it I guess.

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                Quite obvious of course ;-)


                Check your subscription / account. Download DM_Setup.exe again. Remove the old version and install the new DM_Setup.exe.


                Only then you get Security Center 10.0 and Viruscan Plus 14.0.


                I'm running it now on W7 x74, except for Site Advisor and the (IMHO) useless tools like defrag and file clean-up.


                I still hate the new interface. It's confusing, non-logical and hides many settings.

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                  I think you misunderstood me.If we are running sercurty center 9 Virus scan 13.15 will we get the new interface.The computer that you mentioned that got the new U.I.was running what version?.



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                    If the new U.I.is a problem like all the settings then maybe I will leave what I have since I am familiar with it.