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    Request Blocked error message


      Request Blocked by the Extended List

      Your request to URL "http://www.czabe.com/" has been blocked by the Webwasher Extended List. The URL is listed in categories (GlobalBlacklist) which are not allowed by your administrator at this time.

      generated 18/Feb/2010:16:10:29 -0600 by MWGP-PAPL02 (McAfee Web Gateway 6.8.6 Build 6257 - [2])

      In the bottom right corner of this error is " [2] ", however this # changes per hit.  What does that # mean, track, tied to.....whatever?  Not sure if per error message, although doesn't seem to be; nor does it seem to be a counter, so....?????  Thanks.

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          Jon Scholten



          The number seen in the corner corresponds to the ICAP server that you have been filtered by, so the Web Gateway you are using is using Multi-Process mode. For more information on the multi-process mode you can read more about it in the System Configuration Administration Guide, it can be found under Home > Manuals in the MWG UI, info on MP-mode is located on page 149.



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            Hey Jon,  Awesome!

            We kinda thought tied to that, as # only moved upto 6 and seemed 4 at a time (i.e. the actives), but it is always great to get confirmation from the experts.  Thanks!

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              I found that when in muti process mode and I run the command:


              Reload Templates


              from the ssh admin tool, it doesn't update all the ICAP server threads.


              I changed some of the error templates, uploaded them to the proxy, and ran the reload templates command.  When I tested the new pages, some of the threads were updated and some were not.  I had to reboot the device to get all of the threads to use the new template.  Is this a known issue?  Is there another workaround?