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    Anti-Theft on Windows 7

      I switched to a new computer with Windows 7.  Installed Anti-Theft (AT) with no warnings but I admit the requirements say only Vista, not 7.


      AT worked when I first installed it but now doesn't close.


      I'd like to copy my files out, delete the previous vault and try starting again.  However I can't find any way to actually delete a Vault.  Is it possible?

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          Hi Ed Mitchell,

          We are reported with certain issues with win 7, and the  team is working on it. Try locking the antitheft this way;

          Right click on Antitheft icon and select lock all and check whether it gets locked.









          Dinesh K

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            When I right click on the "McAfee Anti-Theft" icon, there isn't a choice for "Lock All."


            When I open the "McAfee Anti-theft" app (double click on the icon), then the safe is shown locked but the contents are visible through Windows Explorer.


            If I open the McAfee folder in my external 1Tb disc that I use for storage, there's a file vault2.vault and when I double click on that to open it, the contents are all visible, even thouth the window (opened from the McAfee AT icon) shows the vault as locked.


            This is not a consistent set of tests.  I was able to delete a vault and create another one so I'm not sure where the above fits in with the original message where I said that I couldn't delete the vault.



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              Is there any progress on a Windows 7 fix?