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    Backup (and retore) using Endpoint Encryption

      I do full backups periodically so that I can recover my whole environment quickly in the case of a HD failure. This has worked well for a long time. The backup application is Acronis TI 2009.


      Recently my company has started to use Endpoint Encryption. A few months after encrypting my system I had a HD failure.

      I got a new disk and did a restore but he restored disk would not boot. The message was something like ‘Safeboot... corrupted block er#’ (I don't remember the exact error). My data was recoverable but reconstructing my environment was time consuming. In hindsight I can imagine why my old backup method failed with an encrypted disk, though I don't know the specifics.


      Is there a way to use a full backup approach when using Endpoint Encryption? A different product, method, or tools?

      I would think that a sector by sector backup would work, but it would consume a lot more space.


      Thanks for any advice,