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    Installation problems...tech support not helpful

      I just installed 5.2.3 on a VM box, then installed the EEPC component.  Rebooted and started the EEM console.  The only tabs I had visible were the Users and System tabs.  Additionally, when I tried to update the file groups the progress bar would run but when it got to 100% the box just disappears and nothing is updated.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, etc.  No joy.  I went back to 5.2 and now I can see the Devices tab, but still cannot update the file groups. I had an eval VM box up and running last year (fall) and it seemed to work fine once we got some bugs worked out, but this time it hasn't been working at all. Tech support has been abysmal as I've been waiting for a call back since Monday afternoon.  Can anyone here offer me any assistance?


      Thanks in advance.

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