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    Converting Pix to Sidewinder

      We are converting from Pix to Sidewinder.  Is there a conversion tool available?  If not is there a simple way to do this conversion without having to manually type everything?





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          Unfortunately there is no such tool for converting Pix configurations to Sidewinder configurations.  It would be a manual conversion.

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            Thank you for the information.

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              There actually is a tool that was built by one of our enterprise solution architects. The tool can convert Checkpoint as well as Cisco ASA and PIX policy into McAfee Firewall Enterprise (Sidewinder) Policy. The tool is not currently publically downloadable, but you should be able to get access to it through your sales rep or SE. If you need help tracking down somebody who can help you please let me know.


              It is also possible to do your own scripting as Firewall policy can be created using 'cf' commands and entered via the command line. This would still require you to convert PIX policy into the proper CF commands to get it created on the Firewall. This is much easier to do with rule objects versus the entire rule.


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