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    Agent Handler doesnt appear on Epo Server

      Hi people,


      I installed on a server on a remote location a agent handler.

      But normally on other remote locations this will not appear on the Agent Handler list.


      The only thing what is different to this location is this isnt in our direct domain.


      let us say.. EPO (domain X) agent handler Domain y (who works) the other remote agent handler Local Domain.


      My question is is it nessesary that the agent handler is in the same domain as  the others are? or at least have a trust to the other domains.

      this is a little something i got from the log.

      20100218160905 E #1508 usermgr  NetLocalGroupAddMembers [ePO User Group] [Domain\shb_epo] error 1387
      20100218160905 E #1508 DAL      Failed to add user Domain\shb_epo to epo group.
      20100218160905 E #1508 NAIMSRV  Failed to initialize DAL Connection Pool.


      thanks for your help in advance.