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    McAfee blocks buffer overflow - File: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe



      I have a recurring problem from time-to-time that I would like to resolve.


      DELL Optiplex GX240

      XP-Pro - Service Pack-3

      1GB Ram


      SecurityCenter 9.15
      Build  9.15.160
      AffId  108
      Language Pack: 9.15.117
      Last Update: 11/19/2009


      McAfee pops-up with:


      McAfee has automatically blocked a buffer overflow.


      About this Buffer Overflow
      File: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe


      Buffer overflows can cause legitimate programs to fail.

      Other programs that experience buffer overflows, however,

      can be used to harm your computer, compromise its security,

      and damage valuable files. "


      At the same time, my PC is sluggish.

      Explorer will hang/crash and I have to kill the explorer process.


      This time the Buffer Overflow occurred when I was archiving

      downloaded movies/videos to CD-R.


      Thanks !