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    Have a few concerns about security cen.2009

      Hey forums,

      I have 2 questions regarding my security center.Ist today i did my updates and when they were done a pop up said i had to reboot my system for them to intsall which i did.I have never remembered having to do this but i did`nt think anything of it.A little later on i had a problem uninstalling adobe reader,which has major known problems & was thinking of updateing and patchen.Or not using at all since i don`t use it much.When i did a system restore (successfull)  mcafee again had yellow pop up saying you have a new network address or something similar  it gave 3 options allow as standard,public or trusted IT had an ip and a mask #.I shut down because i did`nt know why that was coming up.Also before shutting down i tried internet and it worked.I also opened manage network and saw all my original #`s were still there.Does anyone know what this was.And should i be concerned about that or the reboot process? Thanks                                                   Jack


      windows 7 64

      sec center 2009


      Sorry 1 last thing ran virtual tech everything was fine it said.But i noticed under service pack it said 0.0 ?



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          I cant believe i am still having so many problems with Mcafee on a new computer.I, the paying costumer does not really enjoy going to tech chat.too many bad expierances.I can`t get an answer here for over a week because Mcafee refuses to hire anyone to help volenteers that are overwhelmed by the amount of failures going on.So as i read so many other times here.I guess the paying costumer does`nt matter?As long as the money keeps rolling in.Well that is horrible costumer service to say the least.I am sure anyone could have these problems with avg or avast for free.Did i say free?I would guess that somebody running the show assumes that people that think they are getting a superior product(they must be they will pay for it!) But for how long?with other good free programs like microsoft security essentials out.(free)Still have these problems.Another thing i saw today is under traffic moniter-traffic usage there was IE,Firefox,superantispyware and other programs,all listed with a % of use.If i remember i have not seen Mcafee listed in there should`nt  it be using some of this up?I am back to having more than a few concerns again.The email portion is constantly yellow when i start up every day.In my notification area icons (windows 7) i have 2 McUpdUI exe.1 has the red spinning arrow that you get when your updateing which i already did and says installing Mcafee virus scan started.THe other has the mcafee icon with a green circle  over the icon?This 1 says mcafee updates installed to install updates reboot your computer?My site advisor also is not working in internet ex 8 but works in firefox??Can someone help please?IT seems updated but......Dat is 5901.0000 engine version is 5301.4018.I don`t know what is going on.Any help would be appreciated.I did run virtual tech & says everything is good but service pack says 0.0?I don`t have any other antivirus software installed.Windows 7 64                                                                                                                          Thanks Jack




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