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    Privacy concerns?

      I am consultant, and I have been asked to install this software (as a client install). The thing is, this machine is owned by me.

      Does this service collect all the URLs I visit and other information that is sent up to the admin machine? While I don't mind when I'm on the clock, I would not like it if my private time was tracked.


      I have been trying to find the admin options online but not having much luck yet.


      Thank you



      Edit: More specifically, McAfee Total Protection Service.


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          Hi Oro,



          The McAfee Total Protection Service has 3 versions. The Standard, The Extended and the Advanced. The last 2 versions have Website filtering available with them. Now, Supposing that you may have installed the browser protection in your machine, I assure you that the software would not give out your web browsing history on to the admin console. Having said that, if your admin has blocked a certain website ( For Ex ;- www.youtube.com ), when you try and log on to that website, It will get blocked by the Site Advisor and will show up on the admin console as Blocked Site and your admin can see it. In other words, whatever site is blocked by the Site Advisor as part of the policy set by your admin, Will be visible to your Admin. By default, Site Advisor blocks all the sites rated RED. So, if your Admin has blocked categories like Entertainment, Adult etc, All the sites under that category shall be blocked and would be visible under the blocked websites report. Rest assured though. It is only the URLs and no other information which is sent to the Admin console.


          How you can stop this :-


          1} You may either disable the Site advisor toolbar or you may uninstall it completely. This is an optional component and would not effect the efficacy of your AV software. However, I suggest you keep it as it helps you in keeping you safe from unsafe websites !


          Disabling the Site Advisor option can again be a little tricky. If your admin has disabled the end users from disabling it, Then I am afraid you would not be able to do anything about it as it will not be possible for you to disable it.


          I hope the above helps you in understanding how this product works .



          Revert for any more information/clarification.


          God Bless !




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            Thank you for the very helpful response, it is everything I need to know!

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