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      I am trying to use the newest toast cache v5 script.  I have been using the old school batch file for quite some time but am being told this version is much better.


      I cant get it to do anything though.  At the top of the script there is a place to put in your userid and a generated admin auth and a toast time variable.  I put all this in and nothing.


      I have the toasttime set to all 0's because i want it to run when i have the scheduled task to run.  I have also tried putting a time in there and still nothing.


      I dont get any errors, no popup windows, nothing.  It kicks off and instantly kicks back off with no warnings or errors.  I have the script placed in the Endpoint Encryption Manager directory.


      Not sure what i am doing wrong here.  If anyone else uses this script please let me know what i am doing wrong.

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