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    Agent Handler in a SuperAgent



      I've 6 distributed repositories on superagent nodes, I'm going to deploy EndPoint Encryption and maybe HIPS: It's possible or a good practice to install agent handlers on the distributed repositories?

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          First ask yourself - 'Why do I need an Agent Handler  ?'

          They are not like repositories which just host updates and installation packages needed by clients.


          An agent handler is much like a headless ePO server, it needs a very good coonection to the Sql server hosting the ePO DB.

          In fact an ePO server is more of an agent handler with great big bells on. Agent handlers process events, properties and policies for clients on behalf of the ePO server. They cache data from the ePO server and speak to the DB directly. They would most likely be used in situations where topology or scalability are an issue.


          There is nothing to stop you installing an Agent Handler and distributed repositoy on the same machine, but you would need to do it for the right reasons





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            Thanks a lot, I known what is an agent handler, my intention is to deploy more McAfee products, which will need more policies and maybe less ASCI time.

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              Cool, that's good to hear !