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    Help! I have "Generic Pup.z!br & .x!cn" and can find no answers here.

      Is there a link I'm just not finding? Not too long ago, I did find a user with the exact same problem, same paths, etc..And of course nobody had responded to her.

      My situation is this. Obviously I or someone in my family downloaded something to bring this on:

      My browsers keep getting Pop ups is getting worse as time goes on. This is ultimately choking my browser and sends it crashing.  I run McAfee finds: the 2 "Potentially Unwanted Programs" I quarentine and remove them, but states they cannot be completely removed. Restart...still there.  Run SuperAntiSpyware....finds differing threats every time. I remove. Everything remains the same and locked in this unending cycle. I've followed the programs path and at some point the folder is simply empty and dead ends. I've sent McAfee the findings via the Security Center (of which I'm an owner). This is different however from their request to send a file of 3MB or less containg the file. I can't send a file since the path "Dead Ends" I have no file to send.This is all quite stressful and have no idea where to begin for true help. My subscription seems really useless right now, and getting any help from them also seems to be hit or miss.  any direction would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance!


      PS- I didn't give too much tech/spec info as I didn't want to litter the page with unneccessary confusion.

      I can tell you I am running Vista and the most current versions of Firefox and IE8.

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