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    EEFF Error, Can not Uninstall

      I am getting the following error when attempting to Remove EEFF.


      What i have done.


      Unloaded the keys and decrypted the data as discussed here https://mysupport.mcafee.com/eservice/Article.aspx?id=KB60903&lc=&pf=1


      i have reloaded EEFF with a fresh package and attempted a Uninstall from the Add/remove and from the command line but to no avail, nothing.


      Here is the Error



      I am at wits end and have to get this off as its throwing errors left and right. I need to get this reinstalled with a new set that was created.


      If it will not come off on its own or noone know whats happening, will a 3rd party uninstaller work??????






      Brad P