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    Foundstone user accounts management.

      In order for Foundstone to be PCI compliant or so I am told, we need to be able to manage the Foundstone user accounts.

      One of the things that needs to be done is to have the accounts password expire.


      I know that Foundstone can be synchronized with either an LDAP or an ePo server.

      I do not see how that will help me better manage the Foundstone user accounts or would it ?


      Is there a way to have the Foundstone user accounts managed outside of Foundstone ?



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          MVM doesn't support user account synchronization with EPO.


          This is what MVM Does support.

          • LDAP
          • Active Directory using RADIUS and Single Sign on.


          I would think that controlling the user account passwords through either of those avanues would meet the requirements.


          Jeff Haynes

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            Thanks Jeffrey for answering my post.

            I looked at all the Foundstone docs on how to go about configuring LDAP for user logins.

            I found instructions related to a product called SiteMinder on p 82 of the Foundstone Enterprise Installation guide.


            You mentionned Active Directory using Radius and Single Sign on.

            You also mentionned LDAP.

            I could not find any documentation related to Radius.


            Can LDAP be used without the use of a SiteMinder agent ?



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              If I may.

              We use Foundstone to manage around 1500 IP addresses.

              Therefore we do not need to integrate ePo into Foundstone.

              But would doing so, allow us to bypass creating users within Foundstone and yet keeping the same functionality (viewing scan reports) ?


              In other words, once ePo and Foundstone are integrated, can we have all the users login to ePo ?