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    Incompatible Software - Unable to continue installation of McAfee

      Service Request 484570-455516374
      Tier 2 sent me an email.......................


      This is Manoj from McAfee Tier-2 Support, your case has been escalated to me with the issue that you are having trouble installing McAfee product because of detecting 3rd party incompatible application . We will be giving you a call back but you can try the below steps to resolve the issue. Please reply to this e-mail if the issue got fixed.


      ·         Download and saved the fix.bat_ to the desktop.

      ·         Rename the files to fix.bat

      ·         Run the bat file.

      ·         Try to download the McAfee product


            I am unable to download the file as my email blocks the attachment.  


            I have been trying to install McAfee on this comuter since last week and I have incompatible software and the install will not complete.


            Please help


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