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    The NAI ePO Agent Install service

      I'am trying to install McAfee agent for windows 4.5.0 on a w2k8 server but i'm recieving the following error in the event log.



      The NAI ePO Agent Install service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly


      What I have found out so far is all I need to do is untick the "Interact with desktop" option for this service, however I can not even see this service

      in service manager?


      The w2k8 server is also running ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0 and I have installed the agent on multiple 2003 servers.


      This is the first time I have used ePolicy Orchestrator so maybe i'm doing something wrong? Please help!




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          Hi Alex


          Are you upgrading the agent to MA 4.5?


          If yes then please go to the services and look for Framework service=>property=>Logon=>uncheck the box "allow service to  interact with desktop " and then try to install the agent.

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            This might also bee some innate protection with Win2k8 as it comes with a fancier firewall and windows defender also I believe.

            Try disabling that stuff.

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              I'm not upgrading, 4.5 is a fresh install.


              The McAfee Framework Service is running without the "Allow service to interact with desktop" checked.


              Windows Firewall is switched off.

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                This looks like UAC at work. Have a look at KB 67853  - although it's not an exact match for the environment it refers to Vista, so it should be applicable to Win2008.

                Let me know if it works and I'll get the article updated.


                Regards -



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                  To accomplish the problem and having looked at the logs, Windows Server 2008 was not allowing NAI ePO Agent MSI to run, having looked the Framepkg.exe copies the content of the agent to Program Data and runs the package from Programs Data.


                  What I did was to Copy the content of EPO Agent to Program Data and run Framepkg.exe from command line with the following paramenters


                  C:\[EPO Agent package]\framepkg.exe /install=agent


                  The Installation looks at MFEagent.msi in Programs Data if it finds it will install successfully. So Copy all the content of EPO Agent to the following directory


                  C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework


                  and then


                  create a directory on the root or any where on Server 2008


                  Open Command Prompt

                  Go to the EPO Agent Location on the command prompt

                  and run

                  C:\[EPO Agent package]\framepkg.exe /install=agent


                  Thats it, the Agent will start to communicate with the Management and the system will be classed as Managed.