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    EEPC v5.2.3.5 Drive Check Errors in ePO 4.5

      Deploying EEPC v5.2.3.5 through ePO and having reporting problems....


      I am getting 'Unknown Error Occurred' when running the sbde.DriveCheck.name query in ePO 4.5 Patch 1. Furthermore I get the error message 'This monitor cannot be displayed due to an unrecoverable error' using the dashboard. I am using the latest SbDe5.zip in from EEPC v5.2.3.5 installation package. All the other queries are working like they should from this extension.


      EEPC v5.2.3.5 installs via ePO 4.5 without any problems on the client machines.


      Anyone ever had this problem?