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    Wake Up Agents Failed

      Hi Friends...


      when i try to wake up agent or deploy mcafee agent, it FAILS,


      is there any reason for that?

      please provide me with acurate solution fits to get rid of this problem.


      thank you

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          There's not really any information here to go on


          There are a wide range of different things which can cause wakeup calls and deployment - both of which are completely separate operations - to fail.

          If you haven't done so already, please ensure that you have read and understood all the relevant documentation, and in particular that you have searched in the McAfee Knowledgebase: there are a great number of articles and documents that will help you.


          Regards -



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            may you provide me with a document for best practical solution.


            Thank you.

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              Attila Polinger



              First logical place to look at would be the server log. You can find it under Reporting\Server Logs in ePO 4. console.

              Try the operation again (i.el agent wakeup or push install) and when you see it fail, go to this server log and look for a possible entry with Failed result. Clickin on the entry should open it in more detail.


              /Reasons for a wakeup call failure might be a nonexistent host which despite shows in ePO directory; an agent push install failure on top of this could be due to not enough rights. These should show in the server log/.



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                Dear Attila,


                kindly find the attched log which shows no possibility to do any click and check the reason of failing.

                by the way, from where i can edit the rights and credentials for agents wakeup?


                Note: im usinging ePO 4.5


                thanks for your support.

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                  Attila Polinger

                  Dear KSamir,


                  56 wakeup calls have expired as shown. Hmmm. Would you please check just one workstation from the ePO server: open a browser and enter http://hostname:8081. If that shows the MA log on that remote agent, then maybe something is blocking outgoing TCP to port 8081 either on the remote host (or on ePO server). If the log does not show, doublecheck it by either pingign the host by name (or IP) from ePO server, or trying the same (i.e. log, then ping) from your own machine.


                  Also pls. check if one problem host could do ASCI in the configured interval.



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                    Dear Attila


                    from the mcafee ePO server; i can open  http://hostname:8081 and check the log files of the mentioned host.

                    i try to login to http://hostname:8081 from my local PC, no log page appears

                    takinging into consideration that the hostname is pingable.



                    how to check if one problem host could do ASCI in the configured interval?


                    thank you for your help.



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                      Had a similar issue.


                      Try telnetting to ports 80 and port 443 from a client to the ePo server and then back from the ePo server to the agent.


                      Read the output carefully.


                      The firewalls were directing agent port 80 and 443 traffic thru our proxy which was jacking stuff up.


                      make sure you know your ports and that they are allowed thru your firewalls as well.


                      When this was occurring, our Agent_<machinename>.log was


                      Agent communication failed, result=-2147467259


                      Also check the agent.ini file to see which ports the agent thinks it should be using....

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                        Attila Polinger

                        You need to force an ASCI from the client, while checking agent debug log what is happening. One way to do this is to go to C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework then issue a cmdagent.exe /p command.

                        Open \Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\DB\Agent_hostname.log. Open and close it frequently while always going to the end to see what happens.

                        You should see ASCI related messages, like agent is connecting to ePO server, etc.

                        If you see any suspicious message that could indicate a failure, then please attach this log in reply.


                        Also, if you can open the browser agent log from the ePO server, you can open the debug log from there, too, click on agent debug logs - current.

                        Plus make sure you enabled remote access to agent logs in the McAfee Agent policy (disabling could prevent you from accessing agent log locally).



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                          What patch level are you running on epo 4.5?

                          I had this same problem. Afetr much testing I believe this was a reporting error as the Agent Wakeup call wasn't failing at all. However, after installing the latest patch for epo 4.5 the reporting problem disappeared all on it's own. Hmm!