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    Mcafee cannot continue until the programs listed have been uninstalled...

      Hello. I have a bit of a problem with a customers computer.


      My customer brought in his computer complaining about an hourglass shape on his monitor. After a simple answer he then went on to asking if I could install the new Mcafee Security suite for  AOL. He has AOL 9.0 on his computer. I ran the downloader and it told me I cannot continue until AOL Anti-Virus was uninstalled. I went and uninstalled it from Add/Remove programs and retried. Nope, still installed. I went into the registry and remove it there. Still not gone. I'm currently installing 9.5 to see if that will remove the issue but I doubt it. Is there any way I can install Mcafee without having this thing complain about some other program on the computer? From what I know its Windows XP Home Edition. I just want to get this case done with. Anyone having a similar problem?

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