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    ePO patch version



      actually i have ePO 4.5, is there any way to know which patch file installed on it ?



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          The build number is displayed in the title bar of the browser used to access ePO - so for example a standard ePO 4.5 installation will report, 4.5 patch 1 will report, and so on.


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            my current version is: ePO 4.5(build:851) which means it's a patch 1


            from where i install upgraded patches?

            are they (patches) gonna be installed on specific directory under McAfee server?


            thanks for the previous helpful answer.





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              You download and install patches from McAfee using your grant number. At the moment Patch 1 is the latest patch for ePO 4.5.


              They don't install to specific folders: patches upgrade the components already installed, using the existing folder structure.


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                Hi guys I am on build 4.0.0 and want to patch up through 6, is it pretty straight forward...