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    Mcafee Total Protection Installation error - An internet connection is required to proceed.

      I was trying to install the mcafee total protection v4.5 on the client system from the cd.

      It loads the installation file and then comes up with the error msg - 'An internet connection is required to proceed. You do not have an Internet connection.Please connect to the internet and try again'



      There is an active internet connection in thesystem. No external firewalls installed. No other antivirus softwares installed. IE security setting all set to low. No proxy entered.

      Inspite of all this, it still gives the above mentioned error.

      Did a tracert to www.mcafee.com and that is completed successfully.Tried installing using another disk with a lower version of the mcafee total protection but still the same.

      Tried installing in other systems running XP, Vista and server 2003 but still the same.


      Any suggestions on this please.