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    Install problem with total protection 2010


      I purchased Total Protection 2010 from Staples TODAY! and I inserted the disk to install the program (we had mcafee before) - i followed all the prompts and then it said restart. I restarted and now I am getting an error messages -


      STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}

      The registry cannot load the hive (file):


      or its log or alternate.

      If it corrupt, absent, or not writable.


      Beginning dump of physical memory

      Physical memory dump complete.

      Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.


      So I called customer service and after waiting for 15 minutes - the first tech said I need to contact to the internet so she could fix it- Hello- I can't get past the registry file failure- so she sends me to a supervisor - he was really no help - we tried last know confirguation, and safe mode and now I am waiting for a senior tech to call me!


      Help! I can't have a 16 year old with no computer and snowed in.


      Thanks Missy