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    New Version

      Having had to re-install Internet Security I found that McAfee had come up with a new version and refused to let me install the old version.  Why?  The old version worked, I was familiar with it, it wasn't broken or causing problems.  I do not like the new version, it is not user friendly in that anyone with poor eyesight (me) has difficulty seeing that something, somewhere, on the screen is rotating and that it is actually working.  The old version had an illumated bar which was very easy to see.  Does anyone know how I can 'force' my machine to install the old version?  I still have the old version on my laptop and on my other home PC but despite 'cleaning this machine I cannot get McAfee t load the tried and trusted version.

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          I'm sorry but all installations will eventually update to the 2010 version and there wont be any going back.


          I'm sure you'll get used to the new interface soon enough.  If there's any question you need answering, fire away!

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            Thank's Ex_Brit,


            Perhaps as a moderator you are closer than some to the 'powers that be' such that you might strongly encourage them to re-visit the new version and create a patch which will allow the partially sighted to see when it is actually working.  I will post a comment myself but any assistance you can give would be appreciated.  Something grey on a grey background which is only 5mm across is not particularly user friendly!

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              I'll certainly make a point of bringing that up at our next conference call with McAfee.  Sorry to hear that you are having problems with it.


              What grey on grey part is bothering you?



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                In 'Tools', (which for some reason is filed under Navigation - I used to be a professional navigator and an electronic web site is most certainly not what I would say requires navigation!), when you request 'Quick Clean' I have difficulty seeing that there is an icon at the upper right which rotates whilst it is cleaning and so cannot readily tell if it has 'hung' or is working.

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                  You can also access all the tools by clicking just the one that shows in the PC Optimization section of the home page of the SecuriityCenter as shown below. (Click to enlarge)


                  I will certainly pass on your comments and report back with any news.  Meanwhile what operating system is this as there may be a magnifying tool incorporated that you can use.



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                    They are looking into allowing resizing of the interface in a future version but no promises.  Meanwhile Windows has various tools that can be used such as magnifier and increased contrast etc.

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                      Hi! Just wanted to let you both know that I'm bringing this thread to management attention. Thanks for letting us know about this Fringe!!

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