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    Communications Error Connecting to V305 Dell printer

      In trying to find an answer to why I can not connect from a Dell v305 printer to Dell computer running Vista 64bit OS, I found a blog where they said Dell technician remotely turned off a couple of blocked programs in McAfee. However, it didn't state what was turned off. Has anyone run into this problem and if so what needs to be turned off?

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          May I know whether do you receive any error message while you connect the printer ?

          Also let me know the message that is displayed in the main interface of your security center , Is it "Am I protected YES" or " Your computer is secure" ?










          Dinesh K

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            Hi Dinesh,

                   Its a home computer so am not in front of it at the moment, so can only answer half your questions. I had originally loaded the drivers and software off of the install CD, but figured since it didn't ask that they probably weren't 64bit, so did down load and install the 64bit. Everything installed ok, but when it asked if I wanted to print a test page, it came back with a communications error. Same error I got before I loaded the 64bit drivers. Just to be safe I tried different USB ports which made no difference. I also installed the CD on a laptop running XP and it went fine and was able to print the test page. What was also interesting was as soon as I plugged into the XP machine, it noticed the new hardware. However, the Vista machine never noticed the device when I plugged and unplugged it. I also put an 8G USB drive into the Vista machine and it saw it right away.




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              The message is "Am I Protected: yes". Sorry it took so long to get back.