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    How to Scan a PC via McAfee Antivirus Server?



      Is there any way on how to scan a client(PC) via McAfee Antivirus Server ePO (4.5.0)?


      Thank you.



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          In the sense that you can create a scan task in the ePO console, have it run on the local pc of VirusScan and report the results of the scan back - yes. ePO has always been able to do that.


          You dont' mention which McAfee AV product is on the PC but assuming it's a user machine I guess it's likely to be VirusScan.

          From the VSE 8.7i Product guide:


          Configuring on-demand scan tasks

          VirusScan Enterprise includes a default on-demand scan task. You can use the default task and/or create new tasks.

          To access the on-demand scan task:


          • From the ePolicy Orchestrator console, go to Systems | System tree | Client Task.


          Select an existing on-demand task or to access the default task, click New Task, then from the Type list, select On-Demand Scan (VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0) and click Next.







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            actually what i try to look for is:

            from the antivirus server i specify which client i wanna scan and do it manually from the server itself without going to other departments due to far distances


            note: i'm using McAfee 4.5 and VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0


            thank you.

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              It's no different, you would still configure a task to do this.

              The AV Scanner is on the remote machine, all we do is send over the scan parameters and when to start the scan from ePO.


              If you want to scan more immediately you would set the scan schedule as 'run immediately' then send a wakup call to the machine to make it contact the ePO server straight away to pick up the task.


              All of this is configured on the ePO console itself, no need to go to the remote machines.





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