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    VirusScan Console Password Reset?



      Have Sonicwall based Total Secure AV, this includes for server VirusScan 8.5.0i. I have it running on my primary domain controller. I am trying to get into the console, and setup a full scan job to run weekly. However jerkwad engineer who set it up, specified a console password and didn't document it. So while I can get into the console as read-only, I can't actually make changes. Does anyone know how I can either: 1. Reset the password, so that I can access the console? or 2. Eliminate the password for the moment so that I can get in?


      I found some obscure article about removing the UID or UIP information from the registry, but it turns out that I didn't have that exact key that was specified in the article. I am not running ePO or Orchestra, I am managing the client from the Firewall interface itself, and the server manually, so there is no way for me to force a new policy or anything like that.


      Thanks for your help in advance!

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          If you have administrative access to the system, then indeed you can disable the password by tweaking the registry as you saw in some other article.


          Use a registry editor, and navigate to:



          This is where you find the "UIP" reg_sz entry. It will contain a string of characters that don't make a lot of sense. This information is the encrypted password stored to lock the UI.


          Delete it.

          You may need to do this in Safe mode, for simplicity sake. I'd rather not go into length of describing a convoluted way to bypass the access protection mechanism.