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        Hello All.  I came to this website looking for help to my McAfee problem and thought I would share what worked for me, and it isn’t previously mentioned in this thread.   I’ll try to be brief:

        My system – Desktop Dell Inspiron 570, 1-year old, came with a 15 month subscription to McAfee Security Center.  Windows 7, 64-bit, Home Premium.  I use Internet Explorer 8.

        My symptoms – Computer worked fine through 9/5/11 then turned off for the week.  When I turned on 9/10/11 I had warnings in lower right tray (Windows Action Center) telling me I was unprotected that my McAfee Anti Virus and Anti Spyware items were turned off.  Trying to turn on there produced no response.  Right clicking on lower right McAfee shield produced no response.  Start/Programs/McAfee/Open Security Center  produced no response (other than empty white rectangle).  I could still access the internet and could visit McAfee website, but no links on McAfee website would work.  I could not log in to my account.

        I too spent 1 hour on the phone with a couple Indian help reps who also took control of my computer, clicked around and declared that nothing is wrong with McAfee (of course) but my Internet Explorer – then version 8 was corrupt.  Admittedly when I clicked on About IE8, the Version, Cipher Strength, and Product ID were all blank, the help desk told me that was a clue it was corrupt, that I would have to take it up with Microsoft directly, they can’t help me any further.  Thanks.

        I updated to IE9.  At this point the only improvement was I could log into McAfee website and see my subscription was still valid.  I still could not launch Security Center, could not turn on through Windows Action Center warning message.

        I tried reverting to a previous restore point (farthest back available was 1 month for some reason).  I could now launch Security Center.  It tells me in red banner “your computer is at risk” and my Real Time Scanning is Off.  Clicking “Turn On” works for 1 second, then immediately turns off again.  I try repeatedly with the same 1 second working, then turning off on its own.

        During the following week I had read this thread preparing to try many of the suggestions.  I started my computer yesterday, 9/16.  The first thing I tried was open Security Center and Check For Updates.  It sat there at 0% forever, not doing anything.  However, when I started the computer, I also noticed my network icon was indicating a warning and it told me I was connected to an unknown network.


        Here is the punchline.  We have a Comcast modem, the cable goes through a Belkin router then to my desktop.  Periodically we have an internet connectivity problem and the solution has always been to take the router out of the loop, then reset and reconnect it later.  When I plugged the cable directly from the Comcast modem to my computer, I again tried Security Center Check For Update.  FINALLY, but slowly, it was making progress – about 1% every 5-10 seconds.  100% update, then 100% download, then 100% install.  I could now turn McAfee on, and it stays on!  I performed a full harddrive scan (several hours), no issues found.


        So with the so many people having routers, this might be a solution for many of you.  I was just happy it didn’t take weeks to find a fix and since I’ve had good luck getting helpful suggestions for other problems in the past, I am happy to write about my fix.

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          Interesting report ccrider.11.  I have a similar experience with my old Windows XP PC.  The problem occurs about 50% of the time after shutting down Windows and turning off my PC then turning it back on a day or so later.  I believe the cause was different though.   I couldn't browse to any site yet the network icon was saying it was connected to the Internet.  I could also ping sites using only ip-addresses (at least those that allow ping)  yet nslookup was resolving DNS names fine.  A simple restart (without turning off) fixed the issue every time.  So, it may have been due to some DNS issue or how DHCP worked, or my network card is a bit flaky.  I never really tried to track down the problem.


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            I have the same problem on my laptop and tablet.  I run windows 7 64 bit on by laptop and windows 7 32 bit on the tablet.  No other protection installed.  I've run Mcafree virtual assistant with no luck.

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              Hi jmatteucci,


              I also had the same issue with my McAfee product. I tried to turn on Real Time Scan and it keeps turning off again and again. I searched in Google and tried the FAQ, link is http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS101225. As you have already tried Virtual Technician and got no result, you may save and run OAS tool. Windows Vista and 7 users should right-click oas-disabled-fix.cmd and select Run as Administrator. Please restart the computer and check the issue. The issue persisted when I tried and I tried the last step which is Uninstall and reinstall McAfee, which worked for me. Try the FAQ http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100507 to reinstall McAfee.


              Prerequisites to try steps above:

              1) ensure that you do not have any other security products installed on your computer- resoulution: remove other security products and check the status or try the steps after removal

              2) RTS will be disabled if you are getting any virus pop ups- resoulution: remove virus and check status of McAfee or try the steps after removal


              If you have done a System restore due to infections, keep in mind that it will not remove any infections. A system restore bring backs computer settings to a previous date and thus it can remove the changes done by infection. However, the infections will remain there.


              Real Time Scan disabled issue caused after a system restore can be resolved ny just an update of McAfee or running MVT and an update after that..



              Sneha Venu

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                I had the same problem of real time scanning turning itself off.  I installed the Mcafee virtual technician (MVT) and let it scan the products installed on my comp.  It fixed all but one, saying it was a missing file.  I restarted the comp., and after about a minute, the real-time scanning shut off again.  So I ran MVT again and restarted the comp., again.  MVT said it fixed the real time scanning , but that I had a missing file.  So far, the real time scanning is still fixed, and has not shut off again yet (it's been about a half hour).  I still don't know what file is missing or how to fix it.  Will report back if real time scanning shuts off again.

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                  ok, after about an hour and half, the real time scanning turned off.  So MVT does not work.  And I tried step 4 and can't figure out how to download it, so count that out.  I refuse to uninstall and reinstall my Mcafee, because I feel it won't work.  I've had enough, and I am changing products.  Mcafee seems not to want to fix this, since it probably was their fault.  Very unhappy.


                  BTW, I have Windows Vista.


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                    Right clink the step 4 link and choose save link as. save it to desktop and go there and rename the file. ie remove the txt extension the save link action put on it. Right click and run as admin. See if that assists.


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                      Ok, I right clicked on the link, saved as, and saved it ro my comp.  Now when I right click on it, and run as admin., it has a black box come up that says a bunch of stuff, and it does nothing.  What am I doing wrong?

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                        I m going through the same troubles and  I don't want to re-install mcAfee because I feel like it won't work as well....


                        Though, I found what file is missing! it is :

                        C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan\McShield.exe


                        So the McShield service won't start because it can't find the right file in this directory...


                        Where can I find a version of this file?

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                          Hi jazzcat,


                          Would you be interested in  a call back from us so as to check you issue and get it fixed for you . I have sent you an email requesting more information on the same . Please have it replied so that  we can proceed further with it.



                          Thanks ,

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