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    Why does a scheduled virus scan always scan networked drives


      I have 2 machines networked and both run 24 X 7 with each having it's own scheduled scan three times a week.  Both are 2.4 ghz processor machines (one is dual core) and both have 3-4 gb DDR2 ram. I notice that they take 5 or 6 hours to scan and see that they are scanning each other's drives.  If I do a manual scan I can choose to exclude (networked) drives.  With scheduled scans I don't seem to have this option.  It is unnecessary and is just, along with taking way too much time and hogging the CPU to the point of bringing the machine to it's knees, wearing out hard disk drives.


      Real-time scanning allows you to exclude networked drives.


      Is there a way to exclude networked drives for scheduled scans?