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    SG580 Failing One Link?

      We have a different client (different from the folks who lost their PPTP when we upgraded to 4.x firmware) running an SG580 with dual WAN links.  It's got firmware 3.2.2.  The device has run just fine for a couple of years then the other day their primary WAN link stopped working.  We reset their cable modem and it came back up.  For a few hours.  Another reset, another few hours.  Rinse repeat.  Initially we thought it was the ISP.  They came out, replaced the modem, did all sorts of tests, said their stuff seems fine.


      In further testing it appears that if we reset the SG we get the connection back for a few hours as well.  So resetting either the SG or the cable modem restores that connection.  Other than the port just starting to fail somehow I'm at a loss of how to explain this.


      The other WAN link seems to be fine - but unfortunately their key inbound connections come in over the primary link, not that secondary one, so when the primary link is down many of their key services are inaccessbile.


      The system log says:

      Feb 14 09:48:02 ifmond[183]: connection conn-eth0.4 failed check, status 1 
      Feb 14 09:48:02 ifmond[183]: conn-eth0.4 was checking and is now stopping
      Feb 14 09:48:02 ifmond[183]: conn-eth0.4 was stopping and is now restarting
      Feb 14 09:48:02 ifmond[183]: conn-eth0.4 was restarting and is now down
      Feb 14 09:48:02 ifmond[183]: conn-eth0.4 was down and is now waiting-to-start



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          Update: I remotely restarted the SG (I was able to remote in on the Secondary WAN connection) and it did NOT restore the down link.


          Diagnostics still gives the same simple answer:

          Feb 14 10:24:04 ifmond[199]: connection conn-eth0.4 failed check, status 1 


          This has me leaning back towards the WAN connection being the problem, though the ISPs techs were on-site for more than an hour, swapped modems, did diags and gave their own equipment a clean bill of health.


          Puzzled and frustrated...



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            It is failing the intermace montoring test that check to see if the link is up.


            Have/Had you configured a ping failover test for this link ?


            If so, it that host still anwering pings ?

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              Yes, it has a ping failover host. I though of that too - we changed it to a different host even though the old one (and the new one) ARE still responding to pings.  No change.



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                Change the test to default for diagnostic purposes.


                Does the WAN interface ( probably port B ) get an IP address from the ISP ?

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                  It's a statically assigned IP.  It was on Port B but my tech moved it to A3 as a test.  It isn't working on either port presently.



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                    Well, I changed the test to "Always Up" and...now it's working.  Interesting.


                    Any thoughts why it would have stopped succeeding on the checks?  As far as I'm aware nothing had changed on the SG's configuration in the last ....year?   And we did try at least one other Ping address to test (which does respond).


                    My only concern with leaving it like this is that they now don't have any failover if that link actually does go down.





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                      So the ping test is the issue.


                      Are you sure the ping test host will answer pings from the internet link in question ?

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                        Good call Ross!


                        I just tested it from the diags and sure enough...it WASN'T responding to pings from that link (but does from my office).  And the alternate site we had changed to was doing the same thing!  I found a 3rd address (one provided by our ISP) that does accept Pings from that interface and changed to that.


                        It looks good now.  Thanks!